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Produced by Lawson White and Balún

Mixed by Lawson White

Mastered by Lawson White

Recorded by Lawson White, Alessandra Roubini

Recorded at Goodchild Music Studios, Brooklyn NY

Executive Producer: Marlo Daniel

All songs written and performed by Balún

Lyrics by Angélica Negrón

String arrangements by Angélica Negrón

Horn arrangements by Lawson White, Eric Biondo

Cover art design by Eye Bodega

Liner notes by Wayne Marshall



  • Angélica Negrón - voice, synths, accordion, string arrangements, additional programming, additional production

  • José A. Olivares - synths, bass synth, robotic percussion programming, beats, production, additional percussion, background vocals

  • Raúl Reymundi - electric guitar, background vocals

  • Noraliz Ruiz - Puerto Rican cuatro, Puerto Rican tiple, electric bass

Guest performers:

  • Obanilú Allende - bomba barrel and pandero

  • Antibalas Horns

  • Henry Cole - drums on “Ultravioleta” and “Pulsos”

  • Shayna Dunkelman - additional percussion, additional songwriting, additional programming

  • Andrés Fontánez - additional songwriting

  • Alex Hamlin - baritone saxophone

  • Russell Howard - additional bass

  • Enrique Bayoán Ríos Escribano - siku (zampoña), bombo legüero, background vocals

  • Mary Jo Stilp - violin, viola

  • Andie Springer - violin

  • Evelyn Wadkins - cello

  • Lawson White - additional percussion, marimba, additional synths, guitar processing, production

  • Gabriela, Russell, Ale, Marlo - background vocals on “El Espanto”



Our most sincere gratitude to Marlo Daniel and to all of our Kickstarter campaign supporters. Special thanks to our families, Alessandra Roubini, Russell Howard, Nick Yulman, Eye Bodega (Rob Chabebe, Ari Spool), Nosotrus (Quique Cabanillas, Melissa Hernández) Gabriela Benedit, Mary Jo Stilp, Enrique Bayoán Ríos Escribano, Don Miller (NO CARRIER), Eddin Martinez, Mariné Pérez, Andrés Fontánez, Leonardo Velázquez, Hayley Rosenblum, Wayne Marshall and Ariel Zavala.


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