“Aural hues, infectious vocals and sophisticated 8bits; Puerto Rico’s Balún crafted one hell of a good mini-album, one that blossoms as it gets unfold…Memoria Textil is gorgeously crafted; from the artwork itself to its content…A mini-album with a big heart, this is great, can’t wait for the actual second album.” – Destacados 4/5 stars – CLUB FONOGRAMA

“…Balún’s debut CD is a swirling mix of lo-fi electronics and old-school instruments that puts to rest the idea that all indie electronic music sounds the same. Indeed unlike many bands who could be called indie electronic, the trio from San Juan fully integrates the electronics involved so that many of their songs (like “Moving Pictures” or “To My Room”) would sound right at home on an Artificial Intelligence compilation or on a mix next to Aphex Twin, Modest Mouse, and Plone…On Something Comes Our Way, Balún has created a very fine record, one that will appeal to lovers of both sad indie pop and inventive electronic music…” 4/5 stars – ALL MUSIC GUIDE

“This Puerto Rican electro/acoustic band presents a dreamy mix of mellow, minimal music that brings to mind seductive Stereolab songs, nonboring atmospheric soundscapes—and the best children’s music… It’s this playfulness that makes Balún’s multi-instrumentalists stand out from other blippy keyboard-sounds-and-breathy-vocals acts.” – TIME OUT CHICAGO


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