New single: “Años Atrás”

Años Atras Cover

Well, well, well in the midst of all the excitement we forgot to post in this blog that we released the first single off our new album a couple of months ago! The song is called “Años Atrás” and it’s our attempt at bringing all back together and creating a genre that we dubbed as dreambow.

What is dreambow you might ask, it’s basically a combination of two things close to our hearts: dream-pop and dembow (Poco Jam riddim) from Jamaica which is very popular in Puerto Rico and planted the seeds for what the world currently knows as reggaeton. Our take on dembow is more on the 90’s side because that’s the stuff we heard everywhere growing up in Puerto Rico.

The artwork for this single was made by the awesome illustrator and co-creator of Días Comic series, Rosaura Rodriguez. You can check out her work here:



Club Fonograma premiered the track and wrote an awesome review you can read here:

Here are a bunch of other great write-ups and a feature we did for Puerto Rico Indie with our top 5 reggaeton videos from the 90’s.


Puerto Rico Indie – Un Tour del Under con Balún


El Amarillo
La Casetera
Tacón de Oro
Red Bull Panamerika
Sonando en Puerto Rico
El Parlante Amarillo
Scene 1425


Ibero 90.9 – Expediente 341
Red Bull Panamerika – Fancy Dreambow Sunset
Byte FM – Groovebox

First show of 2014!

Join us on our first show of 2014! We’ve been busy since last year writing songs and doing pre-production for our new album. This is going to be an awesome show as we are going to be playing these new tunes and on the bill is our good friend Le Parody from Spain who’s touring the USA. You should check her out because she’s really really good! We also have a very special guest who’s going to play guitar with us. You may have heard his work on albums by Las Ardillas and Suturee  ;)



8 PM / $7 / 21+

Supercrush Studio Presents: The “Solo Dame Indie Pop!” 2014 LAMC Pre-Showcase @ Radio Bushwick


Balún (BK/PR) –

Le Parody (Spain) –

Dead_Beat_Dad (BK/EC) –

Solo Dame Indie Pop! DJs –

Radio Bushwick
22 Wyckoff Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237