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Algodón Egipcio – El Escapismo (Balún Remix)

We were invited by our good friend Algodón Egipcio to remix one of his songs from his awesome debut album and we are so happy to let you know that the album “Los Remixes de La Lucha Constante” is out right now on Lefse Records.

Get our remix plus remixes by other awesome artists like Teen Daze, Los Pilotos (members of Los Planetas), Pacheko + more!

Stream here or over at Puerto Rico Indie.
Download album over here:


El Columpio Asesino – Toro (Balún Remix)

Mushroom Pillow (Spain) just released this collection of remixes of “Toro” by El Columpio Asesino. We were invited to this project along with other great acts/bands that we like such as Algodón Egipcio, María y José, and Rey Pila! You can find this digital EP on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. We took a different route for this one. Stream the song (courtesy of our friends from Revista Plástica) and check it out!

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El Columpio Asesino – Toro (Balún RMX) by RevistaPlastica

At At Records compilation and Miou Miou Remix

Happy holidays!

We have our song “Minumina” in the newest MP3-compilation by the Mexican label At At Records. This album includes other shoegazer/electronic bands from Spain and Latin America such as Fax, Silvania, Resplandor, and Antiguo Automata Mexicano. This production is dedicated to Cocó Cielo, member of shoegazer/ambient band Silvania and electro-pop band Cielo, who died tragically in Spain a few months ago.

The compilation can be downloaded for free here:

And also, a few months ago we did a remix for Miou Miou, an indie pop band from the Czech Republic and the album is out! Other remixers include B. Fleischmann (Morr Music), Sawako (12k), Lullatone (Plop), and Montag (Carpark). For now the CD/MP3 can be bought at Sinko Digital but in a few months it will be available on iTunes and in Japan under the Rallye Label. Check out our remix in our Myspace player!