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Balún y Mima en concierto en Puerto Rico! (01/06/12)


Los Reyes Magos te traen a:

Balún y Mima en concierto!!!

Tocando juntos en una ocasión muy especial y con estrenos de música nueva y colaboraciones.
Más invitados y DJ’s sorpresa!

Tendremos mercancía nueva de Balún para este show!

Entrada $10 (boletos limitados – consigue el tuyo en la tienda Executive Manolo 787-977-1900).

Taller Y No Había Luz (altos Executive Manolo)
1416 Ave. Juan Ponce de León (frente a la Central High)
Santurce, Puerto Rico

Evento en Facebook:

New mini-album “Memoria Textil”!

Hello, we have a new mini-album called “Memoria Textil”. It’s a limited edition of 100 handmade CD-R’s with screenprinted cover art on tanyon fabric. On February 2, 2010 we’ll make available the digital version of the album on for free/pay-what-you-wish! We would love to borrow your ears.

CD-R and digital tracklisting:

1. El Arbol y las Otras Cosas
2. Las Olas
3. Aerófonos
4. Minumina
5. El Paseo
6. Las Abejas
7. Con Los Pies
8. Berceuse
9. Muchas Muchas Veces

Self-released on Sgulp! Discos.

Buy now via Paypal $12 (including s/h worldwide)



Listen to three songs from “Memoria Textil” at and follow us on! (ps. if we reach 300 followers we’ll upload two more songs to our MySpace)

For now we are selling the CD-Rs at our shows and via Paypal, but if you live in Puerto Rico you can buy it at our friends’ store/art space Executive Manolo!


New t-shirts with artwork by minusbaby!

Yes, our good friend minusbaby took on the task of designing the new Balún t-shirts and they look awesome! Inspired by our song “Alicia” the t-shirts embody everything of what Balún is up to in 2008!

We have a bunch of sizes: Youth m, Youth L, Adult SM, Adult M, Adult L and Adult XXL.

We are selling them for just $10. So if you want one, send us an e-mail to [email protected] with the size that you want and your address and we’ll get back to you.

Shirt and pic by Minusbaby!
Shirt and pic by Minusbaby!