Remix for Matilda Manzana!

Another remix! This time for our friend Matilda Manzana and his song “Ciencias Naturales”. We had a blast making this remix and we made it on a train. We think Kraftwerk would be proud of us. The whole EP of remixes is available for FREE to download here: Stream it if you wantz.

New single “La Luna” + 2 new songs!

Our Christmas gift to you! A spontaneous 3-track release of all new songs inspired by the re-discovery of our song “La Luna” and the support from our friend Arturo Ulises who kindly asked us to release this song. Enjoy and expect more new music in 2013! DOWNLOAD HERE: (comes with a bonus track!)

Algodón Egipcio – El Escapismo (Balún Remix)

We were invited by our good friend Algodón Egipcio to remix one of his songs from his awesome debut album and we are so happy to let you know that the album “Los Remixes de La Lucha Constante” is out right now on Lefse Records. Get our remix plus remixes by other awesome artists like […]

El Columpio Asesino – Toro (Balún Remix)

Mushroom Pillow (Spain) just released this collection of remixes of “Toro” by El Columpio Asesino. We were invited to this project along with other great acts/bands that we like such as Algodón Egipcio, María y José, and Rey Pila! You can find this digital EP on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. We took a different route […]

Mixtape for Sue Girl Talk

The aptly named blog (ran by Club Fonograma contributor Pierre Lestruhaut) Sue Girl Talk asked us to submit a mixtape of whatever we wanted so we put up an hour of music featuring a lot of new and old music that we like and a bunch of super personal favorites. It’s like travelling around the world […]

Two interviews: Revista Plástica and Mi Abuela es Jazzista

Hey guys we have two interviews up for your reading pleasure. One for Revista Plástica (Spain) and another for the e-zine Mi Abuela es Jazzista (México). It’s a fun read and if you don’t know Spanish maybe this is the time to test that nifty googly translator you have lying around. Click on the images […]